Who would ever have thought that we would repeatedly hear the word…


These are indeed unprecedented times and Cat Fanciers have been feeling the pain.


  • Currently no shows being permitted are impacting on the cashflow for NZCF with no benching fees

  • No moving kittens around the country – despite being ordered or prepaid for prior to the lockdown, resulting in more cost to the breeder having to hold their kittens for an extended period

  • Less opportunity for new owners to interact with their ‘babies’ at what is considered a young kitten 10-12 weeks

  • Difficulty scheduling veterinary care

  • Supply issues (kitty litter, premium biscuits, limits being placed on tinned food by some supermarkets)

Our committee has been working away in the background. I am so proud of them all for their assistance in sending submissions through to the NZCF when they felt that the decision to close off remits and EC nominations did not allow Affiliate Clubs to complete club remits or follow-up prior to the “lockdown” and suddenly the NZCF AGM was far from the priority for all of us.  Family had to take precedence.

Patches & Pointed congratulate NZCF on making the decision to defer we are sure that after this experience that individuals and Clubs will have remits that they would like to bring forward to the NZCF AGM.

Circulated by request of the EC Chair

In light of the how quickly things are changing on a day to day basis, with the nation now being in a level 4 lock down , the EC have decided to extend the deferral of the AGM to include the nomination and remit process.

As it is now uncertain as to of how long the country will be under the current lock down situation, we are hereby cancelling the 27 March close off and will advise the membership of when this process will recommence.

We will of course keep our membership fully updated.

In the meantime please respect all the curfews & restriction set in place, remember they are there for our own safety, keep yourselves safe and treat everyone as being infected – we can do this folks, one day at a time!!

Best wishes to you all
Your Executive Council 

We would also like to acknowledge those clubs who have had to make the very difficult decision to cancel their shows (Southern Cross, Dominion, Auckland (Easter show) Taranaki, Palmerston North, Mid Island,  Geyserland (Tauranga & Rotorua shows), LH Cat Breeders, CABCC as Hosts of National Show, Tosca, Sacred Temple, Hamilton.

We would also like to acknowledge the joy that TOSCA has bought to the Shorthair pedigree exhibitors the opportunity to enter a virtual show which they have reported an entry of 225. A fantastic initiative TOSCA.

Our committee are currently in discussion regarding the possibility of Patches holding an all breeds virtual show but not until TOSCA have completed as we have no desire to take away the focus from their efforts.


2020 Championship Show

Looking ahead… not easy in the current environment, however, having just listened to the PM addressing as to how the country would progress into status 3 among things of interest include

  • social distancing – limited gatherings to maximum of 10 people

  • regional travel restrictions no unnecessary travel so as to avoid cross infections from one Region to another

  • voluntary attendance at school for up to year 10 children

  • Shopping malls / retail will remain closed

  • Restaurants, bars, cafes will remain closed

  • Elderly & compromised people advised to stay in “their bubble” but with the possibility of adding a care giver, or additional family member to ensure that they do not feel totally isolated

Our committee is planning on having a teleconference meeting in the not too distant future and we would really appreciate feedback from membership in particular taking just the bullet points into consideration

  1. Should the Club continue with the plans to stage a championship show in September

  2. Would you personally be available to assist in the running of the event (if so in what capacity)

  3. Would you be entering any shows that may go ahead or are you happy to forget about 2020 show calendar and look forward to a great 2021

Committee Discussion - Feedback to Share

Cancelling shows is not a decision taken lightly perhaps you might be interested in some of the feedback thus far we would love to get your opinion…….

  • As you are all aware the 2020 NZCF Show Calendar is decimated by the Covid 19 pandemic. The latest club to cancel is Hamilton thereby only leaving a handful of show dates remaining including our own.

NZCF will no doubt be looking at this again and bearing in mind a lot of the major highest scoring shows have already been cancelled it is highly unlikely that NZCF could possibly warrant an award system for 2020 not a big deal to be awarded cat of the year when u have perhaps attended two shows.

I have noticed a number of our usual exhibitors stating on Facebook that showing for 2020 for them is not an option and as the weeks go by times will get tough financially.


I would sincerely hope we are not still in this predicament by June… and then would be the time to make decisions.

If everything is up and running by then then it will be a fabulous chance for show goers to get a final couple of shows in and to catch up with the rest of the show people. They would welcome the chance to get to a show, I’m sure. Let’s wait a bit longer.

In the meantime… I am keen to have a virtual show, I have entered a couple of my cats in the Tosca show and will wait to see how there’s goes. Will keep you updated.

As mentioned, my thoughts are that it’s still too early to make a call and I propose that we stick to the plan of making a decision at the end of May (or was it June?).If we do go ahead, I love the idea of connecting with our show family along with changing the theme

if we’re out of this nightmare and on the ‘road to recovery’, it’s quite possible that many will welcome the opportunity to engage in something that they’re passionate about.

Hi All - I have thought long and hard about this question and my first instinct was to say yes cancel the show and let’s focus on 2021 however ....

I think we should wait and perhaps put announce on the FB page and website that we are not cancelling at this stage.

My thoughts, if we are out of Covid-19 by September being able to meet up; connect with our cat family at a show will be much appreciated by a lot of people, bringing out kittens whom otherwise won’t be shown until adults and perhaps never due to missing a whole show season as a kitten would be much appreciated by owners ( I think). 


I think we could consider changing the theme to reflect the journey we are all on/been on would also be worth considering. Interested to hear if anyone else sees merit in it.

Hi, the decision may be made for us, if this continues, or if we are only dropped to alert level 3. However, 2 years ago, we suffered setbacks from a mysterious tummy bug that had us receive some negative feedback for going ahead with our show, even though we did not do anything wrong. I believe we need to set a date that we maybe have a teleconference or make the decision by. I thought we had made it the 1st June? If some areas of NZ are not back to freedom, then having a show and finding we have a human infection on our hands this time won’t look so good. The borders to our country may not be open then which may rule out a judge.

I love the enthusiasm to hold a show and don't want to appear negative, but I do have concerns which won’t change even if we wait until end of May to make a final decision – which I’m happy to do if that is the consensus but I do believe we all need to consider the following:

  • Aside from whether or not the lockdown will have been lifted and we’re semi back to normal by September, we still need to be able to gain sponsors for the show, without them we won’t have prizes to offer. Will companies still be in a position or even want to sponsor a show? I’m not sure if sponsors had already been secured for our show this year prior to all this happening, if they were, do we know if they will still sponsor our show and to what degree?

  • Then there is the question over Judges. Overseas Judge(s) would be out of the question – I can’t see our borders being open by then without some kind of "restriction" still in place, there is talk of it being 12-18 months, so it wouldn’t be viable for us to still try and secure any overseas judge(s). With that in mind, do we know if we can still secure NZ judges who would be both willing to travel and be able to travel? There could very well be NZ judges who have been hit financially with this and may not be in a position (or mind set) to even consider travel or attending a show.

I agree that there may be exhibitors who would be keen to show, but I still don’t think, in all honesty, we would receive high entry numbers. We are a small club and need to weigh up whether the risk to run a show at a possible loss is doable – there is no guarantee we will get numbers and/or public attendance to fully recover our costs and we all need to agree that we may have to take a loss if we run the show this year.

NZCF Bench Fees, maybe if it is agreed to run the show this year, NZCF could be approached on whether or not they would be willing to reduce their benching fees?  Not sure if they would agree, but if they are willing to help Clubs who are still keen to run a show, this is a question that might be worth asking - or it could be something worth asking them to do for Clubs for the 2021 show season?




Cancelled Shows

Pasted below are details of NZCF Show Calendar (note I seem to recall that Pedigree Persian have recently cancelled but this is not shown on the calendar)

Show Calendar – as published on NZCF website (at 16/04/20)

Website updates

Gaynor is currently updating the Patches and Pointed website with New articles, handy hints and fun pages.
Starting with ongoing articles on the ‘Breeding Process’ from the beginning for any new breeders who are just starting out, and information even the more experienced breeder might appreciate.

She will be adding new chapters on this regularly and also there will be health articles also to help with any issue our breeders and cat owners might have.

We are always open to suggestions on subjects that you might like us to investigate and add to our list, let us know…

Our fun pages are there for your enjoyment, our Zodiac page on your kittens temperament is surprisingly accurate according to some of our members and a lot of fun.

Watch this space!! New articles are going up all the time.

All updates on the possibility of a 2020 show or Virtual Show, will be updated here as soon as it is decided and also will be posted on our Facebook page.

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A nice Rescue Story
Three Very Lucky Wee Babies.  

While the Covid 19 lockdown has been a time for families to spend time together, for others, lonely, and sometimes boring, not so for me and three tiny wee fur-persons who were found abandoned on the day before lockdown.

They would not have been found had I not dropped into my place of work to pick up items I would need to work from home, when I happened to look out of the window and saw a lady checking under a load of wooden pallets at the back of our buildings in the middle of an industrial area.

There, cuddled up together were three little pure white, semi and long-haired kittens around 4-5 weeks old. They were too clean to have been born out in the open and well cared for from first glance.  So off to the SPCA to be checked over, wormed and defleaed. And of course, I couldn’t resist, so home they came with me to be fostered during the lockdown.

We did search around and kept our eyes open all day to see if mum cat would appear but nothing, and no-one in the area had seen a cat hanging around either. So we decided dumped it was…

Now I am a shorthair breeder and cleaning dirty faces and dirty bums was a whole new experience for me, but watching them grow, play and get into all sorts of mischief kept me busy and totally amused for the last few weeks.

We have two wee boys and one little girl, Georgio, Gianni and GiGi at this point. Gianni is longhaired and a stunning wee man (could he be a future show boy?... Definitely!) the other two are semi-longhaired, equally as cute and all have beautiful natures.

They will be looking for new, loving homes so anyone interested can call me on 0274 395 700.
They will be under the umbrella of the Napier SPCA for purchasing.  

Gaynor Saxon


Welcome to our New Members

My name is Janine Vertongen I live in the Manawatu

Yes you guessed it my favourite cat is Ragdoll and one day aim to own a Registered Pedigree Ragdoll for showing. I have had 2 attempts at showing with De-sexed unregistered cats under the companion section and enjoyed the experience.   

I am also a member of the Palmerston North Cat Club. 

I also sew Cat Hammocks for indoor and outdoor Cat Enclosures as well as Luxury Cat Trapezes and Kitty cat cage carrier covers. I also love being in my garden - which has now dried up due to weather conditions.



El Rhosa Pet Beds

El Rhosa Pet Beds. 67 likes.

*Luxury Cat Trapeze pet hanging pet bets for cats and Kittens

*Cat cage carrier co...



We are originally from South Africa and new to the Devon Rex breed. Our first boy came from Alwynrose and more recently another boy from Havtahavit, we as a family, have been bowled over by this enchanting breed and would love to show our boys and help increase the breeds popularity.


Kind Regards

Angela Anderson 




Feature Exhibit – Cat of the Month

Gld Dbl Gr Pr Paddington Penelope Pitstop

In early May 2017 my Partner and I went to view Joey, a Black Exotic kitten at Anna Martins, He had a wee Brown Tabby Exotic sister Penny who at the time wasn't for sale. On our visit Penny was climbing allover us, making a big fuss. My partner said we can't take one without the other. By the timewe got home Anna had messaged us and said if you are serious about taking Penny as well, I will sell her, so the following weekend I went and picked them both up.

I showed both of them as Kittens with great success with Penny being that little bit better than her brother, I lost count on how many BAM'S she won. Finishing 2nd in the Annual awards 2017 in LH N/S Kittens.

Her success continued when she hit the show bench as an adult with

many top 10 placings and BAM'S, with her most amazing Best in Show at the NZCF National Show Hosted by Dominion Cat Club 2018 with Judge Victoria Nye (USA) I was absolutely speechless. Then at Hamilton Cat Showon 8/7/18 she took out Supreme Longhair and overall Supreme in Show.


Penny ended the season being placed 4th in the Annual Awards 2018.


Show season 2019 her top 10 placings continued. Then we travelled to Tauranga to attend the NZCF National Show 15/6/19 Hosted by Patches & Pointed. Competition was tough with Judge Kit Fung (Hong Kong) Penny

defended her title and won Best in Show National Ring, BIS all Breeds, took out Supreme Exotic in Show. Supreme Neuter/Spay and finished the season 4th in Annual Awards.

Paddington Penelope Pitstop is without doubt one very special girl a real character who just loves the show bench

Kind Regards

Reminders from NZCF to Members

Circulated by request of Jo Woodrow, Breeders & Registrations Portfolio Manager

Our wonderful Registrars are still available during Lockdown for Registrations and Transfers (where the physical transfer of the cat or kitten took place prior to Lockdown only).

Please continue to submit your Registrations and Transfers as normal. 

However, we are aware that some may be affected financially due to job losses or reduced income. If you are in this position, please contact us to discuss your situation and we will do our best to assist you.


Stay Safe

Jo Woodrow   

New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc  

Executive Council Member  

Portfolio: Breeders and Registrations  

Phone: (0064) 0211377028

Circulated by request of the Breeders & Registration Portfolio ManagerCOVID19

Just a reminder to all breeders that there is to be no sales of kittens or cats to anyone during the Government enforced Lockdown. This is to prevent the spread of COVID 19 and protect you and your bubble from infection.  

If you still wish to advertise available kittens, all listings are to state that the kitten will not be available until the Lockdown is lifted. You may wish to use Facetime or Skype to call with the potential buyers so they can 'meet' the kittens they are interested in and to keep up the interest while Lockdown is still in place.  

There is a lot of information being shared online about cats, dogs and other domestic animals 'catching' and/or 'spreading' the Coronavirus. The Government information remains the most accurate and up to date information so we would refer any concerns to their website and the New Zealand Veterinary Association. Please also contact Healthline on 0800 661 116 if you have any concerns not covered by the websites below.



Animal Welfare

This website has everything you need to know about COVID-19 in one place. Learn the simple steps you can take to unite against the virus and slow its spread. Find out what help is available and get the latest updates.


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