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NEW OFFICERS HOLDERS – welcome and thanks to our new members who have agreed to be involved at the business end of our Club

SECRETARY:                       Diane Hobson (Di to her friends)

Treasurer:                          Sue Mackay (Show Secretary)

MARKETING:                      Gaynor Saxon

COMMITTEE:                      Gaynor Saxon, Kaye Dixon, Cheryl Brussow, Hayden Middlebrook, Bridie McNeil,

Friends of the Club:     (working in the background) Neil Dixon, Roger Lowe, Wayne Morris, Judy Formby,                                                        Irene & Jim Bollen, Linda McManaway, Janice Davey, Sue Ford.


Do you have some “curtain fabric or cotton fabric” lying around in a secret place in a wardrobe that you might never get around to using then donate it to the Club for our Craft project.  Kaye Dixon is busy putting together prizes for our 21st Birthday Show

Send to Kaye Dixon: 1677 Pyes Pa Road RD3 Tauranga 3173,      Phone: (07)5430678


We have a very good interest in our website which is linked to our Facebook page -  I thank Gaynor for her design and updating of the site – we wish to make sure that this interest is maintained and with that in mind please let us know of any kitten announcements – this is always a really good tool especially for new breeders. Would be great if you would all come up with some ideas to make our sites more focused on the Club, Cat Welfare, Good breeding practices – absolutely look forward to your suggestions

·         New Kids on the Block (birth notices)

·         Cat health Articles

·         Breeders Directory listings

·         Introduction of new members

·         Mentoring Page – ask a Club member to assist



Cheryl Brussow (NZCF Prefix holder:  HAVTAHVIT)

I was exposed to breeding from an early age as my

mother bred miniature Pomeranians and my

stepfather bred Labradors in South Africa.

After I got married in the early 80’s, my husband

agreed that we could get a cat and I recall that

somewhere I’d heard that there were dark brown

cats called Burmese. Back in those days there was

no internet and one Sunday I opened the weekly

paper and found Burmese advertised and so

began my love for the breed. Our first cat was just

a pet but after a few years I acquired a queen and

began breeding Burmese with the prefix SICARI. I had a gorgeous Red stud called Raffles and queens called Pudding (Cream), Duchess (Seal tortie) and Chula Ming (Seal) and a while later a gorgeous chocolate tortie called Sassy.

I became quite involved with the Natal Cat Club and was on the committee for a few years in the early 1990’s showing and breeding Burmese but knowing that our long-term plan was to immigrate, I slowly pulled back on all my breeding activities and eventually gave up.

We immigrated to NZ in Sept 2001 and life kept us quite busy but when you’re a cat person there is just no way you can have a home without one. I found a Burmese breeder in Ngaruawahia called Patsy Baucke and in August 2002 we bought our gorgeous chocolate girl called Honey ‘Kirheim Golden Tinker’ but she was sold to us as a pet only. But I yearned to have those cuddly little babies and once the breeding bug has bitten…. I started making enquiries but found that breeders were very ‘closed’ to newcomers. I persisted and felt really fortunate that Patsy was willing to give me a chance. I acquired my first breeding girl in November 2003 called Kirheim Moody Blue aka Cassey aka Mummy Gray. I began breeding Burmese under the prefix HAVTAHVIT and Cassey had a number of litters but is best known for her second litter of 2 chocolates and 4 seals that were photographed by Rachel Hale for a book called Smitten. I kept a lilac girl called Pixie, to continue breeding but unfortunately, she got pyometra when her first litter were only 10 weeks old and had to be spayed, so I held onto a chocolate girl called Betty Boop. Betty managed to get out and was missing for 5 days. When we found her, she was badly injured and unable to walk for approximately 4 months, so she was also spayed and my breeding days came to an abrupt halt for quite a few years. Our Cassey lived till well into her 16th year and went over the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year. Her daughter Pixie and grand-daughter Betty Boop still sleep on my bed every night.

After moving to a beautiful lifestyle block in the Bay of Plenty and achieving a good work/life balance I began to yearn for some babies again. As mentioned earlier…once the breeding bug has bitten… and I decided to do something completely different.

Having had friends back in South Africa who bred Devon Rex’s, I’d always been intrigued by these little pixie-like creatures. I started making enquiries and was lucky to be offered (to the absolute horror of the retired girls) my current queen Woolacoome Tantalizing Tiger. I’ve kept a lovely little blue tortie girl from her litter and am hoping to show her next year.

We have always come from the viewpoint that our cats are very much a part of our family and our kittens are raised so that they leave here well balanced, well socialised and healthy babies that are accustomed to household noises and comfortable around dogs. We firmly believe that the more time, effort and love that’s invested into our kittens from birth and during their first weeks of life, their new "parents" will reap the rewards of this for a lifetime.

When our kittens are at an age where they can be viewed, we invite prospective new owners to visit as often as they possibly can so that they can watch their babies grow. Our babies leave their mum as very well balanced and socially developed little kittens that fit right into their new forever homes.

Krystle Shapira (NZCF Prefix Holder KRYSTLEJEWEL)

Krystle Shapira recently joined member who is a

NZCF registered breeder under the prefix

KRYSTLEJEWEL Breeding pedigree Birmans, who are

raised in a family environment with plenty of love and

have an abundance of character. First litter expected

before Christmas and will be ready to go to homes

sometime In February.  

Patches are delighted to welcome these new

breeders to our Club and sincerely hope that they utilise all the knowledge of our other breeders and exhibitors to assist with their journey breeding their beautiful cats.




The last time Colleen judged for Patches was in 2014 here

she is addressing the committee and exhibitors at the club dinner. 

Colleen & Murray Frew had been friends of the Club for many years.

Colleen was a favourite of our younger club members when she

would show them how to handle. Sandy Tarry would travel to our

shows bringing Murray and the cats and it was not long before they

became treasures of the club for all the work, they did with show

setup – many a laugh and tears were shared over the years.

RIP our lovely Club Friends Colleen & Murray.

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Congratulations to those members & friends of the Club who have successfully shown their cats towards recognition in the top 20 of the NZCF Annual Awards 2019. What a great year the Burmese, Birmans & Maine Coons have had this year. CONGRATULATIONS



Yep! might be hard to take but the Club is turning 21 – and we want to make it a great year to remember with that in mind your committee will be working on putting together our annual show which at this stage will be held on our traditional weekend however, that depends on the availability of our venues in September.

It is my intention to publish newsletters at least monthly so that our members, friends of the Club and exhibitors will be kept very well informed as we make decisions.

Please remember that the Club will only be as good as the people who put effort into making it tick along – that maybe a contribution towards our craft projects, prizes, show day setup, take down, working bee, show administration assistance.


Grateful thanks are extended to Kaye Dixon for all the work she has done as Secretary, Kaye decided to step down this year but is staying on as a committee member THANK GOODNESS and has also been working to show our new Secretary Di Hobson the ropes.



Chris M Lowe

President Patches & Pointed

Hello & Welcome to our December Newsletter 2019