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2020 Virtual Cat Show

PICTURE PURRFECT – from the fantastic name suggested by one of our committee members and the amazing number of hours dedicated to the task in the running our first virtual show I can only say “WHOW” congratulations.


Gaynor who has amazing skills was responsible for the initial setup of our Club website www.patchesandpointedinc.co.nz

She utilised those skills to run the results on our site along with the release of all the exhibit photographs. Giving participants and cat lovers in general something to watch and get excited about.


Our officiating Judges ( John (UK) Donna & Jim (USA) Daniel (South Africa) Marissa (Aust)  amazing job - once they had got over the shock of having to judge virtually 386 cats almost without exception with amazing photographs – they did themselves proud and all have conveyed how much they enjoyed the experience.


Thank you Sharon Jose (NZCF Secretary) who continued to release updates to the NZCF Membership via the forum as we all know that not everyone uses Facebook and we really wanted to make sure that people were kept well informed.


And let’s not forget the Committee, Sue Mackay, Kaye Dixon, Linda McMannaway, Cheryl Brussow & Di Hobson for their contribution to whatever task was passed onto them.


To all those successful winners – we thank you for your amazing support and sincerely wish the next organising committee currently putting together a virtual show every possible success.


Chris M Lowe



Congratulations to our Supreme Exhibits.

Overall Supreme
201 Cairocats Odin Rising (Imp Aus)
T & T Blythen
Supreme Shorthair
201 Cairocats Odin Rising (Imp Aus)
T & T Blythen
Supreme Longhair
339 Flurmonz Jantana
J Formby
SUPREME Companion/Household Pet
517 Matilda
E Karst
Supreme Tiny Tot
630 Curliwinks Princess Arya
D Hobson
Show More


We are pleased to announce that Judging is now complete and the ALL RESULTS are now available.

Click on these buttons to view  results.



You can also  view all the beautiful cats who entered by clicking on the buttons below...


We would like to thank everyone who entered and participated in our show.

We are pleased to announce that    REAL PET FOOD COMPANY

have sponsored our show.

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Overall Supreme

201 Cairocats Odin Rising (Imp Aus) T & T Blythen