Welcome to our December 2020  Newsletter 

Who would ever have thought that we would repeatedly

hear the word “UNPRECEDENTED”, but could this now relate to the

amazing job the team of 5 Million New Zealanders have done to keep

Covid19 out of our Community?

It is hard to believe that is now 8 months since releasing our April Patches Newsletter, I guess some of that is because most of us have simply had to prioritise our lives and sadly the changes, decisions and future focus for most families has been preoccupying our lives.

But Let us not forget the fantastic Virtual All Breeds show that we managed following lock down – the first All Breeds show in New Zealand and we were more than happy with the support of 387 exhibits the judges were all impressed with the standard of photographs provided especially when they were only supplied with one non-professional photograph thereby ensuring an equal playing field for all who entered.

Check out the amazing result pages on our website www.patchesandpointedinc.co.nz watch this space for what is planned virtually for 2021

Your committee have continued to focus on the possibility of pulling together not one but two shows
if Covid19 allows) in 2021.  Patches was formed in 1999 therefore we should have been celebrating
our 21st birthday this year – but hey! Nothing wrong with making it all happen in 2021

2021 is also going to be a year of change for Patches we held our AGM by zoom and also welcomed postal voting from the membership – and it was great to see that 70% of our members voted –
WELL DONE everyone for making your vote count.

We had two candidates stand for Club President (Di Hobson & Gaynor Saxon) – fantastic to have candidates of such calibre putting their hands up. Di was elected but sadly has since advised due to over commitments and ongoing health issues will not be taking up the role.  Gaynor will now step into the Presidents role on 1st January 2021. Thankyou Gaynor for agreeing to take on this important role.

Di will not be the Club Secretary but will continue as a committee member and will thankfully manage the Facebook page – you must all agree this is Di’s forte – so much interaction has been created on our Facebook and long may that continue. We would love to hear from anybody interested in taking on the role of Club Secretary – you will be supported in the role by the Past President and Secretary to enable a timely handover.

A big welcome to Krystal our new committee member who has already taken on an area of responsibility working alongside myself & Gaynor in seeking sponsorship for our two shows in 2021.


President Gaynor Saxon                      Secretary VACANT POSTION              

Treasurer Sue Mackay

Club Patron Kaye Dixon

Committee: Cheryl Brussow, Di Hobson, Chris M Lowe, Sue Mackay, Linda McManaway, Krystal Sharpira,

Feature Article  -      GIVE CREDIT WHEN CREDIT IS DUE

In honour of those exhibitors, breeders and of course their fantastic cats who won NZCF Annual Awards – we simply do not want their achievements to be lost amongst the disappointment of there not being any shows or awards for 2020. Showing of cats has become an expensive hobby especially with the added cost of travel and accommodation, entry fees, NZCF benching fee which means that exhibitors do follow their preferred judges and the larger shows most of which are now being held in main centres with particular mention to Palmerston North, Hamilton, Christchurch and to some degree in Auckland & Wellington which does leave a number of clubs out on a limb so it is important that those clubs continue to bring new ideas to the showing arena.  Nothing like a little bit of looking outside the square to keep your exhibitors happy and focused.

We acknowledge the dedication of all exhibitors who attend NZCF shows and of course contributed to the points that these winners attain heading towards their titles and overall annual award placement.


 Competition was heavy going with only the highest points scored by each exhibit in a best of 7 rings counting towards annual awards total.  There was as little as 3 points between the best and runner-up in the entire cat section.

Patches & Pointed CONGRATULATE you all on your showing achievement:

LH Entire.png

Longhair Entire Cat

GDL DBL GR CH Tabularasa Owen     

Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon Male

Owner: Vicki Walls & Jo Woodrow

Breeder: Nayomi Franken (Netherlands)


Longhair Neuter/Spay Cat

SAP DBL GR PR & GLD DBL GR CH Windeacres Walking in the Rain

Black Smoke Exotic

Owner: Shirley Stephenson

Breeder: B & V Beatson


Shorthair Entire Cat

SIL DBL GR CH Cherjon Ricardo

Black Shaded Silver Burmilla

Owner/Breeder: Cheryl & John Stringfellow


Shorthair Neuter/Spay Cat

BR DBL GR PR Heatherlea Master Louie

Red Burmese

Owner: James Hanford-Cable

Breeder: Chris Calder


Companion & Domestic Winners

Longhair Companion

Gld Dbl Gr Pr & Sup Nat 2019 Bob Cat

Owner/Keryn McOmish

Diesel the Foster Fail Harland.jpg

Longhair Domestic

Pr & Nat Sup 2019 Diesel the Foster Fail

Owner/ Michelle & Megan Harland


Longhair Entire Kitten

DixyKatz Dancin N Blue Suede Shuz

Blue Tabby Van Persian

Owner/Breeder: Noeline Cullum


Longhair Neuter/Spay Kitten

Taniver Roomforme

Cream Harlequin Persian

Owner: Maria Delaney

Breeder: Cheryl St Clair Newman

adele frost.jpg

Shorthair Entire Kitten

Sup National SH 2019 Cairistona Dolce Vespa

Lilac Burmese

Owner/Breeder: Christine & Muskfik Yeung

Shorthair Neuter/Spay Kitten

Cairistona Dolce Arabella

Seal Burmese

Owner: Adele Frost

Breeder: Christine & Mushfik Yeung


Shorthair Companion

Ruby Dbl Gr Pr Gryf

Owner/Anita & Lynnette Cheetham

Socks Harland.jpg

Shorthair Domestic
Pr Sock It to Em

Owner/ Michelle & Megan Harland


The Club would also like to commend the achievements of
one of our feature club supporters who did not win 1st place
in the NZCF Annual Award’s, but she did win the
Sup National 2019 LH title

             GLD DBL GR PR Paddington Penelope Pitstop

                            Brown Tabby Exotic Spay

                                Owner: Louise Fenn

                           Breeder: Anna-Maria Martin

We are working towards a GREAT 2021 (with more than just fingers and toes crossed)



Our Club brings to you are first attempt at an “L-PLATE SHOW” specifically targeting those exhibitors who have cats that did not get a chance to be shown in 2020 and we acknowledge that showing environment is not all cats special place – so we thought it would be a good opportunity
o give them an experience without some of the added pressures.

This is a show for Newbie’s of the humankind too!

Put your name forward for the training day.

l plate ad2.jpg


September 2021

This is likely to be a 4 ring show however, one of the rings will only feature those cats that have been awarded a Best in Show or Runner-up Best in Show at any NZCF 2021 show – so you will need to support NZCF shows to qualify for COTY 2021.


Just a reminder the Club memberships are coming up for renewal on 1st January – please ensure that you complete the renewal process our acting Secretary Di Hobson will provide a membership application form.  You must have active membership of an NZCF Affiliate Club to retain breeder status to register your kittens, with the majority of our members being registered breeders please make sure you do not overlook the renewal process.

The Club has seen a pleasing increase in membership particularly in the last 6 months and it is hoped that this will continue.  We have a great line up of breeders involved at Club level and will gladly accept any assistance with show sponsorship and attendance at Zoom meetings in the near future.


Patches & Pointed Inc. really are resilient, and we continue to be noted as a Club who “does look outside the square” – in fact tends to lead the way and uses initiative to make sure that our club members, friends of the Club and Exhibitors are challenged with new ideas on an annual basis and with that in mind 2019-20 was a year to remember.

Patches & Pointed decided to take on the 2019 National Show with only a bank balance of approximately $7000 the committee knew the risk we would be taking in staging a “one Ring National Show” but the intention was to bring back just what it meant to win at a National Show. After canvasing the NZCF EC approval was given for the staging of the show with the addition of the recognition of a new NZCF Title “National Supreme” which the winners would carry as part of their registered name – Patches felt this was a wonderful way to recognise the winners at a National show.

Rocking with the cool cats – was a lovely theme and it was great to see exhibitors and visitors dressing in Rock’n’roll outfits.  Huge thanks to those members who helped tirelessly with the setup/takedown of the show.  And those who also embraced the meaning of teamwork I commend you all – with grateful thanks.

It has never been my intention to single out any Member, but I really feel that recognition needs to be made (apart from myself of course)! in particular of those who put in enormous effort throughout the year.

Some of our Committee members think that is all they do BUT NO THAT IS NOT TRUE. Heartfelt thanks to Cheryl Brussow, Linda McManaway, and all Office Holders for your contribution to what makes this fantastic Club tick.

Sue Mackay – Club Treasurer and Entry Clerk always having a deadline to meet

Hayden Middlebrook – Show Manager teamed up with Bridie McNeil to assist with awards and both immaculately dressed to theme of course.

Gaynor Saxon – Who created the advertising campaign and organised our gorgeous street signs for the National along with the “slumber bed” cushions from Easy Print which went down a treat. Gaynor continues to manage our amazing website which was her design, and we are grateful for that expertise.

Kaye Dixon – IT puppet knows the NZCF Show Package like no one else and continues to think of new designs and ideas for prizes – she is a craft master!

Di Hobson – impeccably dressed to theme at the National – gratefully taking on the role of Club Secretary always making herself available. Always looking for a new idea to put the focus on the Club (Patches & Pointed Facebook is her doing) and what a great job.

Friend of the Club – Wayne Morris for the amazing dedication simply being available to help with whatever we push his way. And let us not forget all those who supported the club throughout the year with sponsorship that simply made our show come together we are extremely grateful for your support and sincerely hope that will continue into the future.

This election process 2020-21 has been difficult – I felt it was time that I stepped back to allow others to apply their ideas and enthusiasm to the running of the Club and to those who have put their hands up to stand for office I COMMEND YOU and sincerely look forward to working with you in the future.

Summary of Achievements heading into 2020-21

  • National show 2019 – introducing National Supreme Titles

  • National Roll of Honour Photo Board (previous winners of the National Show)

  • All Breeds Virtual Show 2020 – amazing fund raiser

  • Remit for 2020 NZCF AGM on exhibiting kittens @ 16 weeks (Lost)

  • Monthly newsletters – in particular during COVID-19 lockdown

  • Livestreaming of show

  • Looking forward to 2021 – TRAINING DAY “L Plate Show” not just for Cats

  • Cat of the Year (COTY) September show

  • Virtual shows of the future?


To those new Officers of the Club, I sincerely wish you well

Chris M Lowe

(Immediate Past President)

Patches & Pointed Inc.

Website updates

Gaynor is currently updating the Patches and Pointed website with New articles, handy hints and fun pages.

Starting with ongoing articles on the ‘Breeding Process’ from the beginning for any new breeders who are just starting out, and information even the more experienced breeder might appreciate.

She will be adding new chapters on this regularly and also there will be health articles also to help with any issue our breeders and cat owners might have.

We are always open to suggestions on subjects that you might like us to investigate and add to our list, let us know…

Our fun pages are there for your enjoyment, our Zodiac page on your kittens temperament is surprisingly accurate according to some of our members and a lot of fun.

Watch this space!! New articles are going up all the time.