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Shorthair cats

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1ST  155 Russian Blue
2ND  156 Scottish Fold Shorthair
3RD  127 Burmese
4TH  135 Devon Rex
5TH  160 Siamese
6TH  144 Foreign White
7TH  109 Bengal
Sotscombengal Sweet Georgia Brown
8TH  114 British Shorthair
Haxendorf Albertina Phelan
9TH  153 Oriental
Zarzuela Kanye
10TH  149 Manx
Aurogold Bootsie Collins
11TH  101 Abyssinian Tawny
Ankober Ice Crystal
12TH  167 Toyger
Korucats Ezy on my Eyes
13TH  140 Devon Rex
Kyapark Sashaying On The Beach
14TH  122 Burmese
Cairistona Dolce Arabella
15TH  110  Bengal
Spotcombengal All Blaze
16TH  162 Siamese
Slique Lily The Pink
17TH  172 Toyger
Korucats Amba Flash
18TH  147 Manx
Boindebeel Aphrodite
19TH  159 Selkirk Rex
Purrafunalia Le Roux
20TH  107 Balinese
Segue Boo
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Shorthair KITTENS

1ST  201 Abyssinian
Cairocats Odin Rising (Imp Aus)
2ND  220 Cymric
Boindebeel Lighting
3RD  224 Devon Rex
Loriendale Junipur de Hillgrove
4TH 209 Burmese
5TH  219 Cornish Rex
Sunset Eliza
6TH  239 Oriental (L)
Templeton Samael
7TH  225 Foreign White
Pasdezhat Positively Pointless
8TH  236 Oriental
Zarzuela Forever Tuesday Morning
9TH  230 Manx
Boindebeel Rhythm'n'blues
10TH  223 Devon
CurliWinks Louis de Pointe
11TH  216 Burmese
Soxndots I'm Just Baylee Boo
12TH  243 Siamese
Pernpet Pasdezhat with Pizzazz
13TH  226 Isle of Man
Boindebeel Mimosa
14TH  245 Siamese
Pasdezhat Gentlemen prefer Blonds
15TH 203 Bengal
Spotcombengal Sweet Georgia Brown
16TH  207 British Shorthair
Lundenwic El Zorro Da Silva
17TH  218 Burmilla
Cherjon Miss Lucy
18TH  229 Manx
Boindebeel Daqury
19TH  202 Bengal
Spotcombengal Mr Bo Jangles
20TH  251 Toyger
Korucats Fanteen
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1ST  364 Persian
Dandari Mickey Finn
2ND  323 Exotic
Paddington Penelope Pitstop
3RD  316 Birman
Belzicatz Rocky Road
4TH  365 Ragdoll
Vonimp Yes mmm Yes
5TH  331 Maine Coon
Sap Dbl GrbPr Flurmonz Y Saint Laurent
6TH  347 Norwegian Forest
Jaymlynkatz Rigoletto
7TH  324 Exotic
Paddington Joe Cool
8TH  354 Persian
Magicbox Chantilly Lace
9TH  317 Birman
Burtopia Porsche
10TH  376 Siberian
Shemiaka Olena
11TH  339 Maine Coon
Flurmonz Jantana
12TH  378 Turkish Angora
Vonimp Zahmet
13TH  369 Ragdoll
Ragroyalty Masterpiece
14TH  360 Persian
Pepperbox Peaches and Cream
15TH  314 Birman
Zodiaccatz Spindrift
16TH  342 Maine Coon
Flurmonz Quiszena
17TH  367 Ragdoll
Adoradolls Ultimately Mr Gatsby
18TH  375 Siberian
Shemiaka Natusha
19TH  379 Norwegian Forest
Jaymlynkatz Donatello
20TH  377 Turkish Angora
Vonimp Sevda
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1ST  421 Exotic
Magicbox Lord of the Dance
2ND  401 Birman
Burtopia Coco
3RD  464 Turkish Angora
CadiKedisi Lemiye Letafet
4TH  450 Persian
Lauradella Rosie Too
5TH  443 Norwegian Forest
Jaymlynkatz Mercury
6TH  423 Maine Coon
Mainelanders Moulificent Beauty
7TH  461 Ragdoll
Ranchdolls Wish Me Luck
8TH  402 Birman
Burtopia Chloe
9TH  415 Exotic
Paddington Lollipop Bling
10TH  451 Persian
Dixykatz Red Zeppelin
11TH  405 Birman
Birpur Melting Moments
12TH  417 Exotic
Paddington Penelope Pitstop
13TH  456 Ragdoll
Adoradolls Believe n Miracles
14TH  444 Norwegian Forest
Jaymlynkatz Rigoletto
15TH  434 Maine Coon
Flurmonz Henrikka
16TH  433 Maine Coon
Flurmonz Darcyna
17TH  442 Norwegian Forest
Guysndolls Nordic Goddess
18TH  447 Persian
Taniver Total Eclipse of the Heart
19TH  460 Ragdoll
EnvyDolls Endless Possibilities
20TH  432 Maine Coon
Flurmonz Hockeytoj
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1ST  528
2ND  502
3RD 527
4TH  540
5TH  530
6TH  514
7TH  534
8TH  517
9TH  519
Miss Bella
10TH  537
11TH  544
12TH  529
13TH  518
14TH  523
15TH  516
Sock it to Em
16TH  526
Harry Horse
17TH  535
18TH  538
19TH  541
20TH  520
Miss Turtle
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1ST  630
Curliwinks Princess Arya
2ND  603
Boindebeel Guardian of the Seas
3RD  625
Pasdezhat Pie in the Sky
4TH  614
Recherche Lucy Lu
5TH  609
Norbukate Pass The Pepper
6TH  619
Kirov Cosonaut
7TH  618
Lauradella Queen of Hearts
8TH  670
Spotcombengal Chantilly Lace
9TH  633
Kittycourt Brandy Butter
10th 604
Adorabella Kalypso Queen
11TH  612
Sunset Eliza
12TH  629
13TH 601
Boindebeel Icefall
14TH  610
Korucats golden halo
15TH  606
CadiKedisi Mubarek Madde
16TH  662
Lauradella Jacko
17TH  668
Spotcombengal Glitz N Glamour
18TH  635
Shacats Harley Quinn
19TH  624
Pasdezhat Little Gift from Heaven
20TH  611
Christos Bowties n Butterflies
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