We are pleased to introduce our judges for the 2019 National Show


Kit Fung (Hong Kong) CFA Judge

Kit Fung, who comes from Hong Kong and works for Hong Kong Police Force with 24 years service.  CFA All breed judge with 12 years experience on breeding American Shorthair, owned three of National Winners and over 20 ID Divisional Winners.  He also owned the only one Longhair Manx in Asia.  He is used to handling some other breeds included Persian, Exotic, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, American Curl, British Shorthair, Oriental Longhair.  Besides a cat lover, he also loves musical, photography and travel.

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Lynne Sherer  (Memphis Tennessee) TICA Judge

Lynne has had cats most of her life, as a child she was always finding strays and bringing them home. Her first cat was a black a Persian (Mixture!) which was then  followed by a Himalayan Persian. A few years later, she read an article about the Maine Coon Cat and knew it was the breed she wanted.  Getting her first kitten in 1973 followed with a breeding pair in 1975 with her first litter being born in 1976. 


Lynne's cattery name is  "Calicoon" not because she bred calicos but because she lived in California when she first registered her cattery name (Cali-Coon) She has been breeding Maine Coons continuously and showing them since 1976. She also was owned by an Oriental Shorthair and several British Shorthairs having bred one litter of British.


After breeding and showing for 10 years, she became a TICA Judge in 1986.  Having had the opportunity of judging in many different countries she enjoys seeing the similarities and of cause the differences in the breeds compared to where she lives.


Robbie Walker  (Brisbane Australia)  ACF  Companion Judge

Robbie entered the cat fancy in 1997, breeding Scottish Folds and British Shorthairs under the prefix Glencairn and later Duart. He gained his Group 4 licence with QFA Inc. in 2010.

Over the years, he has held various positions within the Cat Fancy, initially in NSW before moving to Queensland in 2007. Still enjoying the active roles that he undertakes in various aspects of show management.

Currently Robbie is the Honorary Council Steward of the Cat Section with the Royal Brisbane Show and also the Chief Steward for the Sydney Royal Easter, and since 2012 has taken an active involvement with running four ACF National shows.

He currently holds the positions of ACF Treasurer and ACF International Liaison Officer. Robbie finds the latter position both exciting and challenging, which involves the co-ordination with other cat associations in Australia and New Zealand to share and invite judges from international associations. Additionally, promoting and raising ACF judge’s profiles to overseas associations and further ACF's standing on the world stage. He joined FCCQ in late 2017 and he is looking forward to long association with them, in whatever role he undertakes.


Veikko Saarela

Veikko has been a Longhair Judge with FIFE since 1994 extending his license to All Breeds in 2012 he is still actively breeding Persians & Exotics under the cattery name "Mimosan" since 1986 he has provided the link to his site http://www.saunalahti.fi/vsaarel/


You will note the wonderful success he is having with his chosen breeds having bred many National Winners and Scandinavian Winner cats.  He as officiated as a judge in 10 World Cat Shows and 5 Scandinavian Winner shows.

Veikko is currently working 24/7 for the World Show FIFe World show 27/28.10 in his home city Tampere and has shared the link for you to take a look https://www.ws2018.fi/ 
He is the President of one of the biggest Fife-member since 2010 (Finland) Suomen Kissaliitto
He is also been the Long-time (over 20 years) president and board member of Pirkanmaan rotukissayhdistys.

Show Commission member for 3 years,   Veikko is not afraid to admit his - Love of life is Cats
But he also has time for his Sporting Hobbies.

David Scadden All Breeds Judge NZCF.jpg

David Scadden

My wife Jacqui & I have been retired from the breeding game after breeding Birmans under the Magwai prefix since 1985.
We both originate in the Wairarapa in the sunny South Eastern part of the North Island of New Zealand.

We moved to Rotorua, in the Bay of Plenty in 2008. One of the major tourist destinations in the country, the scenery is striking and we are very central to other cities and beautiful destinations.

Our other great love are our Bengals, which we originally imported into the country in 1996 and bred successfully under the LapLepid prefix for a number of years.

We have three children who have now left home and two grandsons to keep us busy.
We have a number of desexed Birmans, Bengals and a Maine Coon to keep us well and truly occupied. Other interests include good wine, genealogy, music and collecting and restoring Ford Capri's.

I started judging in 1992 and reached the status of All Breeds in 2005, learning a great deal about all aspects of felines along the way.

I really enjoy judging and try to talk to and educate the spectators as much as possible on the various breeds. I feel that a cat show has to be entertaining and informative. I enjoy meeting fellow cat fanciers from around NZ and other parts of the world.

I have had the privilege of judging all three National shows in Australia and New Zealand over the few years and would love to be able to judge felines in other countries in the world.

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